Writing makes me happy!!!!

I really do love to write! In my journal..yes…I still must use pen and paper (love the feel of them in my hands, knowing my hands and mind are creating at the same time!), I have a plethora of ideas and thoughts, stories and imaginations to share! Sooner or later I will get them on this blog!! The thing about writing is that it’s quite freeing. I can think of something to do or some brilliant idea come along, and I just need to jot it down and move on to the next bit of brilliance! English was always my favorite subject in school, especially creative writing. I do not plan on willing any major awards sooh, but I do plan on writing more…in fact it will soon be part of my new adventure…new job really, that I will soon share here!! So excited about this!

In the meantime, feel free to pin, share and print the above graphic! Mr. Williams sure was on to something!

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The Pressure-a Give.

(feel free to share, pin, print and post!)

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42 things before 43….Finally….THE LIST!!!!

This took a bit of time, but I finally have a list worthy of getting done…or trying to again this year! Last year’s list was no where near finished, so I have moved some to this one, but one thing I have tried to be open with myself about….and that is being honest and real about what I can do….this year, I want to do everything and make it successful for me….so even though some of the things may seem trivial, they are all important to me to be mindful, accomplish and work through….and besides…it’s more about the journey!

So here it is….The LIST…42 things before 43! (I have until December 15th, 2012)

1. Practice yoga more than once a month to start and more later.
2. Take Spin Class (all signed up for Sue’s 1/1/2012)
3. Once a week, steady mindful meditation
4. Participate in Move More Eat Well class (all signed up and started! 1/1/2012)
5. Participate in One Little Word (mine this year is mindful 1/1/2012)
6. Organize, organize, organize
7. Do the polar bear dip! (DONE 1/1/12)
8. Use Evernote
9. Start draft on book
10. Conduct interviews and write articles on fabulous women I know
11. Redo massage brochure
12. Be honest and mindful in the everyday
13. Purchase and use a neti pot
14. Join a Bunco group (Done! Thanks Ann! 1/1/2012)
15. Write letters
16. Join PTA (Done 1/4/2012)
17. Learn new massage technique
18. Train for Triathlon and 5k
19. Knit a project
20. Submit photos to the midstate fair
21. Blog about each of these events
22. Start running
23. Do more with less
24. Keep email inbox purged and updated
25. Create with my girls
26. Volunteer at the girls school
27. Plan date nights with Trevis
28. Make more green juice
29. Do a cleanse
30. Read the Hunger Game Series
31. Write at least 3 book reviews
32. Paint the bathroom
33. Make a mosaic
34. Take the girls to the snow.
35. Visit Tobi in Ojai’
36. Do a month of themed blogging.
37. Rollerskate with girls.
38. Have another India Boutique
39. Dance with Trevis
40. Cook two new recipes per month.
41. Practice patience and kindness and mindfulness with my girls, my husband, my family, my friends and myself.
42. Print and post this list where I can see it everyday. (done 1/18/2012)

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Namaste 2012!

Finally did it!!!!! Mark that off the list! It was awesome! Can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner! But totally great that my mom from India was able to do it with me….along with Tamra! Next year Isara and Trevis will be there.

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December Daily – Day 2

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December Days

Day One-
Thankful for these beautiful nights and and crisp days. Dressing with sweaters and fuzzy socks. Hot chocolate and tea. The smell of trees. The chill in the air, pulling me closer to myself. The winter skies full of deep, rich tones that are something from a dream.

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Almost 6!

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