Tenderlogic asks this simple question….

What future do you belong to?

I was surfing on this awesome blog:
daniel la porte

which then led me to these…


and Tenderlogic….and the owner of tenderlogic asked this simple question. It’s part of a wonderful opportunity she is offering, so be sure to check it out.

But the question began to linger in my mind. Now. What future do I belong to?
I know where I have come from.
I know where I am now.
And I think I know where I am going…..

Right now in my life, I am content, but still longing. I am moving, but standing still. Through these pushes and pulls and can’t help but think of one person that is making a profound effect on my life….totally because of the way she is living hers….with gusto, purpose, passion, kindness and giving. I believe the future I belong to is in one that strives for these things. A way to empower others through creative means. A way to give hope to anyone willing to listen through words, design and photo.A way to give healing. A way to inspire. To share what I know with my daughters and nephews and niece. A way to connect. My future is happening…is going to happen and I have but a moment to decide, a single word…yes! I am a licensed massage practitioner and I love the fact that I can instantly help someone literally feel better therapeutically. I am a mama and wife, learning the course of family and making the little moments count; preserving memories, documenting stories to relive later. I am a sister wanting more time with her family connecting more with my brother, skyping more with my parents. I want to learn, live, create and give!


About rani

Licensed Massage Practitioner, Freelance writer, self proclaimed "rani" of all trades, mama to two growing girls, love all things arts and crafty!
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