Writing makes me happy!!!!

I really do love to write! In my journal..yes…I still must use pen and paper (love the feel of them in my hands, knowing my hands and mind are creating at the same time!), I have a plethora of ideas and thoughts, stories and imaginations to share! Sooner or later I will get them on this blog!! The thing about writing is that it’s quite freeing. I can think of something to do or some brilliant idea come along, and I just need to jot it down and move on to the next bit of brilliance! English was always my favorite subject in school, especially creative writing. I do not plan on willing any major awards sooh, but I do plan on writing more…in fact it will soon be part of my new adventure…new job really, that I will soon share here!! So excited about this!

In the meantime, feel free to pin, share and print the above graphic! Mr. Williams sure was on to something!


About rani

Licensed Massage Practitioner, Freelance writer, self proclaimed "rani" of all trades, mama to two growing girls, love all things arts and crafty!
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