Treasures!-or enjoying the simple things!

Tamra is always finding treasures! After going to the beach one day with her daddy and sister, Isa, she came back with a whole bag full of them. Since I didn’t go to the beach (tired from working an early shift), she decided to share her treasures with me in a special way.

I love this!
Treasures aren’t always in the form of gold and money. They aren’t the things we purchase and accumulate. They are the little things….the simple things.

Sometimes it takes the eyes and thoughts of a child to help us adults realize that treasures are all around us. Maybe it’s because Tamra is small and closer to the ground that she sees what I can’t as well up here. I just need to get down to a level that allows me to truly see, the way she does.

What simple treasures can you see? What ways will help you see them more? If it means I have to kneel, laydown, or get upside down, I think it’s worth the treasure I will find!


About rani

Licensed Massage Practitioner, Freelance writer, self proclaimed "rani" of all trades, mama to two growing girls, love all things arts and crafty!
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