The Title

these four words sum up the idea behind this blog. but why is this one different? why is it different from the many I have out there? mostly it’s here because i am evolving.
i am changing.
and loving every minute of it!

this place is a work in progress and will continue to manifest in itself. thanks for coming along on this ride with me….my magic carpet ride….called blogging…journaling…writing….about life.

Update: 10/13/2011

I continue to update and move to this site to reflect the changes I am growing through. The old scrapyoga will remain in tact and will be present for reference and reflection. But I am looking forward to this as my new home!


About rani

Licensed Massage Practitioner, Freelance writer, self proclaimed "rani" of all trades, mama to two growing girls, love all things arts and crafty!
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