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It has been awhile, but sometimes it’s hard to let go! I have a new wordpress site, and this one is the keeper! Please do come on over and hang a bit!


That’s right…Om   She   Said.


Doesn’t that feel better!

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Loving this language/word piece!

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The Firestarter Sessions!

Look what just came in the mail today!

Can’t wait to start!!!

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A lesson in simple gratitude!

Thanks Ali Edwards for posting this from Amanda Soule’s website. Now we will just keep this going! Simply beautiful!

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Tenderlogic asks this simple question….

What future do you belong to?

I was surfing on this awesome blog:
daniel la porte

which then led me to these…


and Tenderlogic….and the owner of tenderlogic asked this simple question. It’s part of a wonderful opportunity she is offering, so be sure to check it out.

But the question began to linger in my mind. Now. What future do I belong to?
I know where I have come from.
I know where I am now.
And I think I know where I am going…..

Right now in my life, I am content, but still longing. I am moving, but standing still. Through these pushes and pulls and can’t help but think of one person that is making a profound effect on my life….totally because of the way she is living hers….with gusto, purpose, passion, kindness and giving. I believe the future I belong to is in one that strives for these things. A way to empower others through creative means. A way to give hope to anyone willing to listen through words, design and photo.A way to give healing. A way to inspire. To share what I know with my daughters and nephews and niece. A way to connect. My future is happening…is going to happen and I have but a moment to decide, a single word…yes! I am a licensed massage practitioner and I love the fact that I can instantly help someone literally feel better therapeutically. I am a mama and wife, learning the course of family and making the little moments count; preserving memories, documenting stories to relive later. I am a sister wanting more time with her family connecting more with my brother, skyping more with my parents. I want to learn, live, create and give!

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What would Jodi Do?

That will be my new motto! What would Jodi Do?
You see, this woman named Jodi…
is a wonderful friend of mine.
She is friend to many.
She is inspiration to all she comes in contact with.
She is battling cancer with all the gusto, honesty, warmth and fortitude that she has…
She is.
She has been teaching me valuable lessons as of late.

Don’t take little things for granted.

Keep Calm and forever carry on.

Just go out and do it.

Help each other.

Don’t wait.

Give and give more.

Keep going.

Laugh and smile big.

Make a list and accomplish it.

Write letters.

Make and keep connections.

and so much more…….

She is wise, courageous and and angel on earth. No matter her pain, she always finds time to help others. I am compelled to share more about this phenomenal woman…SHE….Jodi. More to come!

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For all the daughters!

25 things i want my daughter to know.

(one of my all time favorite pics of mhy girls taken in 2006!)

I had to reblog this from MommyOm-check out her full post along with all the pics that go with each line. She also has one for sons. It is so eloquently written and so true!

1. Enjoy the innocence of your childhood.

In a world full of superficial values, peer pressure, and bullying, as well as a popular culture that pushes materialism and consumerism – you are being leapfrogged through your childhood. There is a constant pressure for you to grow up way too fast. I mean, when did 5 become the new 10, anyway?

Grow slowly.

2. Smart is the new cool.

Never be ashamed of being smart or nerdy, having freckles or glasses, or loving science and math. Smart never goes out of style, it stays with you as you grow, and it will lead you down the most successful paths.

Miss Smarty Pants

3. No matter how many times you hear it, “Diamonds are NOT a girl’s best friend.”

Friends are invaluable. They are trusting and loyal. They stick with you through good times and bad, happy or sad. Some will come and go, but your true friends will be with you always.

Friends forever, through whatever.

4. Go for it, get dirty! It’s good for you.

Besides the fact that getting dirty actually does help support your immunity, it’s also a great way to express creativity! Sculpt, draw, and stomp. Better yet, go “classic” and make some mud pies.

5. Beat the boys at their own games.

Football, baseball, hockey or golf, never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something because you’re a girl. So go ahead, build the tallest tower of legos, kick butt on Xbox, and bust out your light saber.

Flippin’ awesome.

6. Be spiritual.

Find the desire to understand the universe and your place in it. Take the time to notice the earth and all of its beauty. Give thanks to God for giving you life.

7. See the world.

Experience new cultures, religions, people, and places. Open your heart and mind to the tremendous benefits of studying and visiting domestic and foreign lands.

Bon Voyage

8. A strong hand shake leaves a lasting impression.

It represents self confidence and ambition. A strong hand shake and eye contact exemplifies a mutual respect for one another and is a sign that you are friendly, trustworthy, and honest.

9. Even though you are only 5, I am so glad that right now you have absolutely no idea who Hannah Montanna is.

10. Or this teeny bopper, for that matter.

11. When it comes to wearing make-up, there’s a general rule of thumb that applies-LESS is MORE. Although I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to wear make-up until you’re at least in your teens, I find it horrific that parents do this to their innocent, young children.

This is not beautiful, it’s creepy.

13. Please, please, please do not allow yourself to become someone else’s property. Why this is trendy, I will never figure out. If you want to make a statement about yourself on clothing, at least let it describe an aspect of who YOU are. You may reference back to #2 on this list.

I just don’t get it.

14. Speaking of trends, I hope that by the time you are allowed to date, guys don’t wear their pants hanging half way down their ass like they do now. I really feel like this has been pretty popular for quite some time and I am praying that it finally goes away by 2022. Also, I will flip my lid if you become this guy’s property! (see #13)

15. This is not what GOD or the Bible has in mind when it teaches about angels.

16. Since you’re growing up in the technological age of iPad, iPod, iPhone, and texting, I have to address the horrendous lack of writing skills being used by today’s youth. This phenomenon of truant letters may very well be the Death of English (LOL). Bottom line, don’t use text lingo in your thesis.

What does this even say?

17. Speaking of text lingo, verbal slang is just as unprofessional. Calling all valley girls! Reminds me of Alicia Silverstone from Clueless. OMG, ROFL, BFF, TMI,FYI, IDK….As If.

18. I pray to G-O-D that you don’t ask me for any Monster High dolls. These are apparently the newest tween role models out on the market. They’re everywhere. Mattel claims they embrace imperfections and encourage individuality. Personally, I think they are over-sexualized – with their thigh skimming skirts, platform shoes, and heavy make-up. And I thought Barbie was bad – at least she had a career.

19. I hope I raise you well enough for you to know that wearing slutty clothes and posing in provocative positions is NOT a form of ”artistic expression.” I hope no one has to explain to you why this is NOT appropriate for a high school yearbook. It’s not classy, it’s not artistic, it’s not creative expression. It’s sad.

20. Don’t let pop culture define you.

I don’t know why, but today we let pop culture manipulate our youth and it’s killing them emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. From the early on fascination with princesses, to the ‘need’ for a boyfriend and big boobs, popularity, teen moms, and all the other garbage being thrown in their face – be confident going against the grain or you’ll risk selling yourself out (see #19).

21. Mainstream your health.

It’s life’s greatest asset. A positive approach to health encompasses physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual well being. Healthy lifestyle choices in your youth will help lay a strong foundation for continued wellness throughout your adult life. Diet, exercise, stress management, chiropractic, self motivation, positiveness, and meditation, as well as a number of other approaches are guaranteed to make a huge impact on your quality of life, health, and happiness.

22. Be a sister. Be a friend. Be a protector.

23. Love with all your heart.

For where there is love there is life. Love is universal and felt by all living things. So strong is the feeling of love that it is said it makes the world go round.

24. Never be afraid to laugh at yourself.

Laughter is humbling. It inspires and motivates.

25. Wherever you are in life, you can come home. I will be here – always.

again check out Mommy Om here!


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